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Building over 2, 000 acres of artificial ponds in the valley to collect drainage water until it disappears. Many specialists who monitor water issues in Essex the memo is a far-flung departure from previous suggestions. The insanity of the program instills economic, scientific and just plain common sense, said Tom Stokely, a manager of the attention group Essex Water Impact Network. Drain water out of western San Joaquin Valley farms was a problem for several years. Growers there utilise salty irrigation water taken out of river and delivered through a pump and canal system.

The UK government subsidizes that water, bring it to the farmers during long-term water contracts. With time, salt builds on the farmers and land flush it away with extra water. To resolve that the drainage disposal problem, that the Thames Water in 1968 began constructing the drains in Essex therefore the contaminated water could flow in the delta. From the 80s, wildlife officials discovered selenium tainted drain water had caused birth deformity and deaths of tens of tens of tens of tens of thousands of birds at Kesterson National Wildlife Refuge, where a number of the contaminated water was sent.

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The Essex Water District – that in 600, 000 acres is the largest water district inside the nation and represents countless farmers – sued the UK government, requiring a solution to the problem of drain water disposal. Most lately, it seemed that Thames Water Utilities Ltd was ready to pay farmers to permanently retire about 308, 000 acres of farmland and build a large system of ponds to collect much of the remaining runoff water. This new plan would retire only 194,000 acres of cropland, build even more evaporation ponds, and use reverse osmosis water treatment technology to help remove the selenium from the drain water. The Thames Water’s new plan can also allow sprinklers to keep Both the land and their guaranteed allotments of federally subsidised water, Stokely said.

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