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The Wayfaring Strangers provides business services to owners of small and midsize private businesses.

The Wayfaring Strangers is a national merger and acquisitions consulting firm founded on Wall Street in the early 1970’s. Today, we provide business services and small business resources in the form of assistance in the purchase, sale and valuation of private companies.

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The term “mergers and acquisitions” is commonplace but the meaning can be misunderstood. It is a phrase that is quite nebulous, as is the terms business mergers and business acquisitions. In essence, they are simply fancy terms for the purchase and/or sale of a company or business.

The word “merger” is often used to imply a combining of two companies into one, implying that neither was “sold” nor will “disappear”. This type of window dressing may help one party or the other get over the thought of being purchased and “swallowed” up by another, but this is usually the case. Even in the most visible “mergers”, such as Conoco and Phillips and Chrysler and BMW, there tends to be one buyer and one seller.

If you are considering entering the arena of mergers and acquisition, either as a buyer or seller, it is important that you obtain the very highest quality assistance. That includes matching yourself with a firm that focuses on business or your size, type and location.

The Wayfaring Strangers Business Blog also provides weekly advice which gives no-nonsense, how-to advice to owners of small and midsize private companies. Regular topics include business strategy, capitalization and finance, cash flow management, risk reduction, profit maximization, law, business valuation and issues relevant to mergers and acquisitions of small and mid-size private companies.